Investment yachts, secured investment with guaranteed appreciation of 25%

Become a complete or partial owner of the yacht 

and profit from charter leases.


Your investment is one-off and its minimum amount is 10.000 EUR. According to investment amount you can be either sole owner of the yacht, or member of syndicate. Based on the management contract your returns range from 19% above. There is no upper limit to the investments and returns.

The process

Either you are the owner of the yacht, or individual investment associate in the investment syndicate, in which each investor has a corresponding share of the perfect boat. Following the purchase of a boat suitable for chartering contract for the leasing and management for at least 5 years with a guaranteed utilization of 30% per annum is signed.


Throughout the duration of the contract, all investments are secured on the yacht, which is owned by the investor. After the contract expires, the yacht is sold at market price and income is distributed among investors. If the investor decides to withdraw from the contract, its share will be sold at its current market price.

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