About us

Yacht profit is a project of BlueSail Czech Ltd. that brings new investment opportunities on the Czech market. The company BlueSail Solutions Ltd. was founded in the UK in 2012 to become an alternative for those interested in yachting. Unique system of the yacht club, which we brought to the world market, aided the development of the company and in 2014 the company expanded its operations into the US. A year later to the Czech and Slovak Republic.

Running the yacht profit is to expand portfolio of services so that even the Czech and Slovak customers could use all the services offered in other countries.

In the Czech Republic BlueSail operates as its own unique yacht club, yacht charters and captain courses, as well as services related to buying and selling yachts, and last but not least, administration and management of marine syndicates as investment opportunities.

BlueSail Czech s.r.o.

Londýnská 254/7
120 00 Praha 2

IC: 04358881
VAT: CZ04358881
registered by City court of Prague section C number 246410

info@bluesail.cz, +420 228 226 769