Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount is 10.000 EUR. You will become a part of the syndicate and the owner of an ideal part of the yacht according to the amount invested.

How is appreciation guaranteed?

In the management contract BlueSail Czech Ltd. guarantees at least 30% of charter boat rentals.

How long is the investment for?

Your investment is bound for the duration of the management contract, in a maximum of 5 years.

Why is the yacht sold after 5 years?

From experience we know that 5 years of age is the ideal age for its sale. New yachts are popular for tenants and guarantee income with minimum investment on both the maintenance and promotion of charter leases. Another reason is that the yacht after five years of operation does not lose much of its price and is very attractive to buyers due to yacht's age and maintenance.

Can I use the yacht for my own needs?

Given that this is an investment that appreciates your resources when is rented, it is of course possible to charter the yacht at the normal price when it is available in a given time. In case that is already booked, we will offer you charter of other available boat with 20% discount.

Who will ensure that the boat will be rented?

BlueSail Czech Ltd. in the management contract undertakes to use its marketing and business groups to ensure minimum 30% annual occupancy. BlueSail offers their yachts to the customers through a network of 74 partners in Europe and many others around the world (BVI, USA, Dubai and others), thus ensuring the occupancy and revenues from the yachts.

Who will take care of the boat and ensure its regular maintenance?

BlueSail Czech Ltd. in the management contract undertakes to make sure that all necessary regular maintenance of the yacht is performed to the highest standards.

Is there a need for further ongoing investment?

No, your only investment is the initial one for the purchase of the ship.

Is my investment secure?

There is several ways that ensure the security of your investment, the first one is your share of the property - you own a ideal part of the yacht corresponding to your share in the syndicate, or if you are a sole proprietor, you own the entire yacht. The second is providing boat insurance that covers all the owners and is a part of the investment. The last but least is the management contract, which guarantees a minimum rent for the duration of the contract.

Is it possible to use the yacht as collateral?

In the Czech Republic we do not know of any financial institution that would accept yacht as collateral. It is possible that in your country the conditions may be different.

Where will be the yacht located after the purchase?

Your yacht will be placed in an ideal location with respect to the investment plan.

How long does it take to purchase the yacht and put it into operation?

This process takes about three months.

Is the yacht insured?

The yacht is insured several times. Each yacht has KASKO insurance type (similar to car insurance), a complete accident insurance that covers a yacht in full. Another is liability insurance, which has directly BlueSail as the administrator of your yacht. And every lease is additionally covered with a cash advance from the tenant.

Is my money safe?

Yes. Your investments are deposited in a special account for each yacht or a syndicate provided by KB a.s.. and they are completely separated from BlueSail Czech Ltd. finances. Your funds are therefore secure for the entire duration of the contractual relationship with BlueSail Czech Ltd.

What happens to the yacht after the management contract?

The yacht will be sold as soon as possible and proceeds from the sale will be distributed to the owner/s.

How often is the profit distributed?

Your income will be paid quarterly, ie 4 times per year by the end of the month after the quarter end, ie for Q1 at the latest by April 30, for Q2 by 30 July, and October 31 in Q3 and Q4 to 30 January of the following year.

Is it always the same amount of revenue?

Amount of your revenue is always based on exact charters and revenues for the previous quarter. Therefore, the amount will not be the same.

How will be charters advertised?

BlueSail Czech Ltd. use all our marketing and sales promotion routes to charter your boat. The yacht will also be offered on several charter sites worldwide.

Who is BlueSail Czech Ltd.?

BlueSail Czech Ltd. It is a company that provides the entire process of investing in the boat. It works as an agency that rents yachts themselves and also as an operator managing yachts under the management. It offers to rent yachts to the entire spectrum of other agencies. Naturally, increasing the charter revenues and to the owners.

Is there a maximum amount of investment?

No, you are not limited. One investor can own more yachts or shares in them so as to diversify the risks or investments over time.

Can I own the entire yacht without companions?

Yes, it depends only on the amount you invest. Each investor can own more than one ship at a time.

Can I sell the yacht or share in the syndicate at any time?

Yes. Shares in yachts are normally bought and sold. Your share can be readily sold at market price without incurring any penalties. The same is true if you are the owner of the whole yacht. It can take some time finding a suitable buyer, which usually is 3 months from the commissioning of the yacht or share sale.

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