Your one-time investment of your chosen amount will apply to the purchase of the investment yacht or share in the syndicate.

The revenue is based on the charter boat rentals in selected location.

You are the owner of the boat. Or ideal part of it when you are member of  investment syndicate (if the amount of your investment does not cover the cost of purchasing the whole yacht).

Based on the management contract BlueSail ensures the selection, testing and buying a new boat and its subsequent management and regular maintenance. After 5 years, during which the yacht is rented and you are paid quarterly income from the lease, BlueSail will sell the yacht at the current market price.

BlueSail offers yachts to its customers through a network of 74 partners in Europe and many others around the world (BVI, USA, Dubai and others), thus maximizing the chartered time and revenue for each yacht.

The situation on the charter market

To help you better understand why to invest into yacht charter market, here we describe the situation of the charter market.

In 2012, the charter market reached turnover of over $ 100 million and an annual increase of 2%.

At this moment throughout the world there is more than 550 yacht operators and 1,350 charter agencies. BlueSail combines both of these services together and therefore offers to new investors the easiest path to enter the market.

Based on the analysis and specific objectives of the investor we together choose the type of yacht and its precise design and equipment. Investor invests their resources into the yacht, which will be carefully chosen for potential market.

The average price of a yacht charter is 2.300 to 3.300 EUR per week (luxury motor yachts in the price range around 15.000 euros per week can find its customers).

Undoubtedly the most popular European destination for charter a boat is Croatia, while rich Europeans and customers from the American continent chose Caribbean as their charter destination.

Currently the market gravitates towards the leases of 3-4 cabins sailboats, catamarans and sets aside motor yachts.

Therefore, we have chosen the range of our investment yachts accordingly. To maximize revenue for our investors and ensure attractiveness of the charter yachts we offer.

Europeans spend most on their charter holidays, and that is the base for successful yacht investment. The charter spending shows that even landlocked countries such as Czech Republic are interesting target market for yacht charter. 


The following table shows data from our reservation system for Croatian charters - purple fields are booked and already paid weekly charters of individual ships (in the first column) at a time.
Reservations are made throughout the year. 40% of customers tends to reserve two or three weeks before the date of rental and use either the Early Booking and Last Minute Offers.

Cost structure

Annual costs are clearly communicated to all ship owners so they can keep track of their investment. The costs are divided between the owners of the boat according to the share owned.
There are fixed costs (fees for moorings, servicing and routine maintenance, cleaning, insurance, registration) and a variable ones depending on the charter fequency (charter management and promotion, all costs associated with rentals, full maintenance and cleaning yachts inside and outside, fuel, filling all tanks, checking safety equipment, preparation for further rent, hotel services such as bedding, towels, bath accessories, ice, weather and travel information, ...)
All investment yachts are new, purchased directly from the manufacturer with full warranty service. Naturally, all the boats are losing their value, but this loss is minimized by our perfect care, regular servicing and inspections and careful attention to the details of each yacht under our management.

At the end of the management contract period, the yacht will be sold and the proceeds from the sale are returned to the owner.

Are you interested detailed calculations cost, revenues and cash flow for each type of boat? We will gladly send it to you as a PDF via e-mail.

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