Yacht profit is project of the BlueSail that brings the investment opportunity to the wider market.

We are charter agency that rents yachts worldwide, and also yacht operator and yacht administrator with its own yacht management that offers its yachts to the other agencies to increase the number of charters, and revenues to the yacht owners.

Management and Support

Agreement on management (administration) of the yacht closes at 5-year period, after which the yacht is sold, investor receives their share of income and can decide whether and to which other yacht invest with us.

Following services are available during the term of the contract:

  • selection, testing and buying a yacht
  • yacht regisration
  • search a combination of co-owners
  • coordination between co-owners
  • administrative support
  • boat insurance
  • regular maintenance of yacht
  • charter promotion
  • administration charter leases
  • revenue distribution
  • boat sales

BlueSail offers yachts to its customers through a network of 74 partners in Europe and many others around the world (BVI, USA, Dubai and others), thus ensuring charters, and revenues to the yacht owners.

Here are portfolio investments yachts and more information about the process of investments.